Hello, internet citizen! Welcome to the Simultinuum project; a journey into a retro-futuristic universe of alternate history, backwards in time but forwards in technology. Throughout this journey you will encounter stories and content in far more formats than just text. There will be audio and visuals – artwork, spoken narratives, soundscapes, videos and even games, all working together to form a universe that is as tangible as possible, easing your mind to experience the many places and people you will read about and encounter here.

The chapters:

The narrative timeline for the universe is split into three chapters, signified by their respective number in the navigation tab. To begin with, we will explore chapter 1. But as more content is added and things evolve, we will move further along the timeline and discover completely new places, people and many more of the bizarre phenomenon that makes the Simultinuum unique.

Click one of the following icons to explore each chapter:

The content:

 T̷̳͉͆̅ͅhe idea is to create a foundation for storytelling; a universe acting on tangible rules which will allow people to construct th̶̪̝̍eir own naŕ̵̨̪͒ratives and ide̴̻͆as around it. For now, thẽ̷̪͕̒re are two major content formats:


The Atlas entries are worldbuilding pieces, in-universe props such as newspaper articles, emails, research papers etc. Formats unsuited for the Tales, exploring everything from sociopolitical issues and personal relationships between certain characters, to new inventions, scientific discoveries and research into some of the bizarre phenomenon that are happening.


The Tales are short stories taking place in the Simultinuum universe. The contents of the Tales and the order in which they are published, is loosely shaped around the order in which they take place in the actual timeline. However, anomalies may occur and it is up to you to find out where to place these, by drawing parallels to what has already been published. Can you find out what is happening? Is cause and effect always a given? Why are there so many references to birds? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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The Wiki:

For those of you just wanting to explore the universe on your own terms, there is a wiki containing summaries and overviews of the many different aspects of the Simultinuum – ranging from a more thorough explanation of neural implants, to overviews of the more interesting and important locations you might find yourself within:

The Inspiration:

Every creative process is driven by some kind of spark, an experience that has inspired the creation in one way or another. I have found great value in many different places, from music to books, movies, games – you name it. And for your convenience I have decided to list all of my primary sources of inspiration for each chapter, in one place:

Attention: The contents on this website are set in stone – no modifications are ever made, only additions. Should you read something which you recall looking different from the last time you looked, you may want to verify that you are still occupying the correct reality. Good reference points are often found in popular culture. For example, you may verify:

  • Is it still spelled “Looney Toons”, “Bernstein Bears”?
  • Does Curious George still have a tail?
  • Is the Monopoly Man still wearing a monocle?
  • Does Queen’s “We are the Champions” end with the phrase “Of the world”?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is “no,” be aware that you may have stepped sideways in spacetime and should be prepared for the minute possibility of encountering yourself in the nearest future.