Severance pamphlet

Atlas entry:

Attention, people of the United States! Today we face a threat to not just our great nations, but to all of humanity. While measures are being taken to prevent the threat, we ask for your cooperation until further notice. Please read this pamphlet thoroughly, as the safety and lives of you and your loved ones may depend on this understanding. 
Our trust has been betrayed. The nations of New Europe have committed an act of war, by creating an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a machine far more dangerous than any nuclear weapon. While the discovery of its existence and subsequent termination followed closely suit, sources indicate that it has been active for years. The exact duration of its lifespan is unknown, but long enough for it to burrow into our daily lives, hiding in the net and its own creations - including the Synthec. To ensure that it is purged from our systems, all inter-continental communications have been severed and you are hereby ordered to destroy any devices by the list of companies seen on the back of this pamphlet. Failure to comply will result in detention and investigation by qualified personnel.

All Synthec must be terminated. While they may have a convincingly human appearance, do not be fooled. They are a product of the New Europe AGI, whose destruction has put them in disarray. We act now, as it is unknown if the effect is temporary. Squads of the Militia have been delegated throughout each major city to coordinate the sweeps. Please follow any orders given by these personnel.
Should you or someone you know be in possession of a Synthec, please be wary as they are dangerous and capable of defending themselves. The increased display of emotions is a ruse, now that their origins have been revealed.
They are not your friends or family: Aiding a Synthec is an act against the will of Congress, considered a major felony. Should you suspect someone of aiding the Synthec, report this individual to the nearest Militia personnel immediately. Aiding a suspect or failing to report them, are both considered felonies.

Under Article I, Section 8, Clause 15; martial law has been declared by Congress in your state. 
Under Article II, Section 2, Clause 1; Ronald Reagan has been instated as the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, as called into the actual Service of the United states. 

Turn on your TVs and radios and await further instructions.