Compared to the cities of Leshy and Omskep, Avalon is far less functionally defined and without a semblance of rulers. Instead it is run by a mysterious mass of automated systems, whose purpose and intentions are very unclear. The core of Avalon is a massive spire which rests on the bottom of the Arctic ocean and reaches far into the sky, a single jade-black monolith in the middle of nowhere. The tall structure widens from top to bottom, until it plateaus on the ocean floor, a massive foot surrounded by the ever-growing fungus of buildings spreading out from the center. Down here the uniform look of the monolith is swapped with the aesthetics of individual enterprises, buildings set on the bedrock of the arctic ocean by whoever can afford to build them. Above the amorphous landscape are streams of strange crafts and weird deep-sea creatures bathed in cones of light from projectors and windows covering the surface below. Strewn beyond the rim of the city lie additional floating buildings in isolation from the others, typically for reasons of privacy or hazardous experimentation. There are even rumors of unknown buildings appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, out on the dark horizon.

A masterless tower:

The core of the Avalon spire houses rooms and halls for rent to anyone willing and able to pay for them, no questions asked. This makes Avalon incredibly attractive to Wipers who have nowhere else to go, which in turn has caused miniature societies to form within certain regions, completely comprised of individuals with no discernable identity or past attached to them. An incredible cultural diversity can be seen when traversing the spire, ranging from open halls arranged like red-gold throne rooms, corridors covered in holographic graffiti, to odd little nooks and crannies with bazaars full of hi-tech prototypes and inventions that are often illegal or freshly stolen.

The shell of the spire houses massive mechanisms capable of hoisting rooms out and moving them around. Who performs these operations and way remains unknown – the system is automated and its maintenance is performed by robots that have no capacity to talk. There are rumors of rooms hidden away in the shell which only few know how to reach, as well as rooms that are hoisted out and disappear forever.

Deep international waters:

While Avalon is seen as a haven for those who wish to escape the rest of the planet, it is also the home to one of the central meeting places for what remains of the government of New Europe. The vast body of water acts as a shield for most types of communication and radar, which makes it one of the safest places to meet and discuss the future of the planet and how to deal with the latest transgressions from the Trans-Pacific Union.