Leshy is the beating heart of New Europe’s economy, its blood the minerals retrieved from the massive spaceport above it, as home to the largest asteroid mining corporations on the planet. At the center of the city stands the basalt-like formation of its massive hexagonal towers, swarmed by the constant buzz of atmospheric crafts, ferrying enormous chunks of ore to be fed the maws of the processing plants atop the city. With Leshy’s material wealth and control over Earth’s space-oriented industries, it attracts many corporations seeking a future unchained from the pale blue dot – including cults and wealthy fanatics, as long as they can pay.

Despite the kind of money involved with those that run the city, one does not have to venture far from the upper levels to experience a very different aspect of that reality. The further down you move from the tops of the towers, the less sleek and prestigious the housings, stores and services become, the very bottom of the city a slum addled by permafrost. The cold means few storefronts open directly onto the streets, mostly bright neon pointing to the hidden doors, hinting at what is found beyond. While the powers that be could easily have chosen to automate much of the city’s maintenance, there are plenty of commonfolk employed to carry out these actions instead. Whether this is for the benefit of those people, or to occupy them enough to not pay mind to their miserable, frozen existence, is a topic often discussed among the city’s inhabitants and a frequent cause of conflict.

Above the city:

Far above Leshy is a space station of equally impressive proportions, a mesh of individual modules for each corporation present, most of which are the size of a small village. Far out of sight and largely automated, these modules are not very rich on fancy aesthetics, mostly favoring the silver-grey of unpainted metal and minimally lit hallways.

Although working up here is extremely well-paid, the solitude among robots and a skeleton crew means the personnel is exchanged in seasonal intervals. While one can imagine this is by the request of the workers themselves, truth is the exchange is enforced by the corporations themselves, to prevent mental breakdowns among the employees resulting in expensive errors.

On the energy situation:

Among the corporations of Leshy are giants of the energy industry, who have solved the problem of instantaneous transference of power – teleporting electricity from satellites orbiting the sun via quantum tunnels. Their presence in the city has led to an interplay of industries, hooking up many of the spacecraft with such technology – which combined with ion thrusters lends them a practically unlimited range. The downside of this application? If the energy corporation doesn’t feel like dealing with you anymore, they can cut the link and leave you stranded without power, to die by the icy hands of empty space.