Mediator implant

The Mediator implant has its name from the Mediator group, the people who were modified to interface with the artificial general intelligence Primordia, but also houses an on-board AI to help facilitate its functionality, as some of the features are too complex for both the human brain and the Cradle which it is built upon. The personality of the AI varies, as it emerges from an analysis of the user’s brain, in an attempt to estimate the most responsive presentation for that person. Once an AI has been manifested this way, it does not change considerably, unless the user of the implant undergoes trauma or other significantly reformative experiences.

The implant is installed on the link between the two hemispheres of the brain (corpus callosum), where it replaces much of the original stem and is able to inject signals to manifest experiences as though they are real – such as showing the AI personality as a real individual in the eyes of the Mediator.