Nocturne implant

An implant designed in an era where creativity trumped production, the value of adding waking hours to the day was rapidly increasing. Enter the Nocturne implant, a piece of technology to handle the chemical cleanup process in the brain, which normally occurs during sleep. Nocturne was mostly embraced in smaller countries, which traditionally considered innovation to be their greatest export. As the price dropped on the implant, it became more and more of an everyday product, people simply wanting more hours in a day. 

The biggest criticism of Nocturne was how it provided unfair competition for those who did not use it, and robbed us of our ability to dream. Some reports tell of users hallucinating, like waking dreams and nightmares, but have since been dismissed at attempts at damaging the name of the product. As a counterpoint to this argument, many of these users have started using the Sim Stim chip as an alternative to dreaming their own dreams.