Sim stim chip

The Simulated Stimulant chip (Sim Stim for short) is the ultimate tool in storytelling and entertainment, developed by the SimStim corporation.  It allows for the user to dream- with full awareness – a narrative designed by professionals.

"Ever fallen asleep for a few minutes, yet dreamt for something that felt like hours? The untethered brain is capable of experiencing things so much faster than when bound by the body. Lucid dreamers have known this for ages, walking their dreamscapes as realities outside our own. Our chip is capable of inducing the NREM-sleep state required for coherent dreams, while simultaneously allowing the user to be fully aware and remember what happens. In this state, the chip provides the framework which the user interacts with, it tells the story as written by us. It gives moments of respite to even those who are too busy to relax. Although many have augmented themselves from the need to sleep, we beg to differ: With us, there is always time to dream."

With all of our technological advances, we have yet to overcome hedonic adaptation, however. To combat this problem, sim stim writers work with a Tabula Erasure chip installed, to always keep a fresh perspective on their own work, as though it is always written by someone else.

"Only by erasing our memories can we relive something as new, but our memories define our perception of time and as such we erase ourselves."

While there are many who have attempted to make stories and experiences for the chip, it is this approach which the founder of SimStim, Daniel Jacobsen, accredits to the company’s success. However, there is a downside to using the chip too much. As with anything that pleases, the brain can become addicted and some users experience withdrawal or even depression from an existence that holds less defined purpose than the one they dream within the chip. Some corporations and individuals exploit these addicts by selling them unlicensed chips with home-brewed content, often with the intent of stealing personal information, harming the individual or simply testing prototype software that none of their own employees were willing to plug into their own heads.

For a more detailed description of the Sim Stim chip and the corporation and people behind it, we recommend you read the following interview with the SimStim founder: