Tabula Erasure (TE) chip

The Tabula Erasure chip can delete a person’s memories, but only within an easily definable time-frame. The chip works by identifying patterns as they form in the brain, meaning that it can only delete memories from the time it was implanted and forward. The widespread use of the chip is partly due to this restriction, as it makes it very clear for users what memories can be mapped for potential erasure.

Both inter-cranial and plug-in installations exist. Which option is chosen depends on the level of confidentiality and the paygrade of the employee.

Critics of the TE chip mention the risk of deleting memories of similar nature to one another, due to how the brain can compress similar experiences.

One of the most interesting uses of the TE chip comes from its creators the SimStim corporation, who actively uses the technology to forget their own narratives and grant them a fresh perspective on their own work.