PEA shooter

The Plasma Exhaust Accelerator (aka PEA shooter) is – contrary to its namesake – a heavy duty weapon capable of burning some very serious holes in anything but the heaviest armored plating. The accelerator uses a circular vacuum tube, carrying a tiny bit of magnetite which is moved by the use of electromagnetic pulses. Since the tube carries no air, the speed of the magnetite goes far above the speed of sound, producing a gyroscopic effect that makes it harder to rotate the weapon while it charges.

Once the appropriate speed is reached, an injection of air into the chamber will disintegrate the magnetite. As it collides with the air particles, it produces an extreme amount of pressure, ionizing the air into plasma, which can then be ejected through the nuzzle of the weapon. Take care to use the shoulder-rest to prevent any broken wrists or flying teeth when pressing the trigger.