Chapter 1

You find yourself in a familiar place, in a time long passed yet still to come. This is Earth, the 80’s are in full swing, the cars, the clothes and the music almost look and sound the way you remember. But something has happened decades ago that sets this place apart; the transistor was invented 30 years too early, booting up the information age at a time when the environment was of very little concern.

Explore a planet stripped for natural resources, governments pressured by asteroid mining corporations to sell out control in favor of economic stability. A world whose global communication channels have been shredded, following the destruction of an illegally constructed artificial intelligence, built by the governments of New Europe. The remnants of this AI now walk the street as Synthec, androids built to be raised like our children, to grow and surpass humanity in a bid for a now uncertain future.

Chapter 1 Tales:

Here are the stories of those who grew up in this universe, those who struggle, those who thrive and those who are just trying to have a fairly normal childhood:

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Chapter 1 Atlas:

Plan to rummage through personal data and newspaper articles in search for answers? This is the place for you:

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