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On this being the five-year anniversary of the world renowned SimStim phenomenon, our publication has reached out to Daniel Jacobsen, founder of SimStim, and asked him to personally write this headliner. In the wake of both recent awards and controversies, it seemed only fitting that the entrepreneur himself would elaborate on what makes him tick, as well as shed some light on the criticism which has recently been levered at the company.

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Atlas entry:


The following document is considered evidence in the case against Genevieve Beran and Mason Lupei, regarding the recent disappearances of homeless Synthecs. The contents within are categorized as confidential and should only be accessible to the appropriate levels of clearance. If you are reading this document without the appropriate clearance, please close the file immediately and report to your superior officer for debriefing. Continuing to read without proper clearance will result in immediate termination.

The emails below were extracted from the personal computer of Genevieve Beran, which she frequently used during her sentence working at the Lupei corporation.

Mail references:
Genevieve Beran: gberan@lupei.sys
Mason Lupei (CEO): mlupei@lupei.sys
Automated messages: central@lupei.sys
Jaromír Bosko: jbosko@lupei.sys
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Severance pamphlet

Atlas entry:

Attention, people of the United States! Today we face a threat to not just our great nations, but to all of humanity. While measures are being taken to prevent the threat, we ask for your cooperation until further notice. Please read this pamphlet thoroughly, as the safety and lives of you and your loved ones may depend on this understanding. 
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