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Lost in the woods


 It was a cloudless summer day. Michael wandered barefoot in the shade of the pines, wearing his blue khaki shorts and a plain, white t-shirt. He stretched and curled his toes, playing with the grass and the flowers, listening to the birds, the bugs and the creaking in the trees. There was light breeze, the kind of clean air you don’t get near the city. This was life, he thought to himself, as he continued to wander the woods. 
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 The evening sun had set behind the hills, orange hues fading as the town of Ansfelden was settling in for the dark. Not far from the edge of town sat a young couple, Elias and Clara, on the hood of a rusty Volkswagen Beetle, engine running to keep it warm as the cold crept in. They had gone to watch the sunset, yet stayed to talk for hours. Now only headlights, cigarettes and the street lights of the town outlined their silhouettes. The sounds of wildlife were kept at bay by Bowie on the stereo. 
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